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Engineering Projects

Solution Design

Purpose : system functionality, architecture, “look and feel”, hardware and software requirements are designed to enable the development of the proposed systems or systems components

Functional Design Specification : designing the software functionality, appearance and architecture that will bring about the functionality of the systems. Details the integrated systems application, functions and detailed user interface. The data dictionary, database design, database layout, program modules and module interfaces

Result : a client-approved baseline specification for software solution development

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Solution Development

Purpose : This activity is subject to strict Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures. It involves software coding and configuration, proper solution testing, and solution documentation development. After unit-tests have been completed, all the components of the system is integrated, and integration testing is performed with full factory simulation in the presence of the client.

CSI follow a simplistic, yet systematic phased approach to meet the exact requirements of the client. This approach ensures that CSI can constantly measure itself to interpret the requirements, and delivery, of the best solution to the client. It also creates constant awareness of residual risks, and conscientiously manages the reduction of such risk.

Result : a fully developed, properly tested, and client-approved solution, in accordance with the customer specification, ready for delivery to site

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Solution Delivery

Purpose : all the hardware and software are packaged for transport to, and installation of the solution at the client site. It includes:

  • Installation - all necessary instrumentation, computer hardware, software and peripheral equipment are delivered to site, installed into its final position and started up
  • Site Acceptance Testing - the procedure that verifies that the factory tested system successfully operates in the real plant environment, and communicates to the neighbouring systems, devices, etc.
  • Commissioning - on site user assistance in their day-to-day operation of the system, and the fixing of any problems or defects that might become evident on the system
  • Training - ensures that the client is to a large extent self-sufficient in the support and maintenance of the system, after project completion.
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